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What is the difference between the two accounts? The only difference between a Business and Personal account is that with a Business account you send, receive payments and withdrawal funds to your bank account using a company or group name, and with a Personal account you make transactions using your own name.

Why do I need a smartphone? There are two reasons. One, VeriMoney uses a software-based OTP to protect the users' accounts and to safely process all transactions. Thus, the user needs a smartphone to install the OTP app. Two, VeriMoney sends all of its verification codes, including the RLVN and RFVN, via SMS to the number on the VeriMoney account. All transactions can be processed after the verification codes are confirmed.

Password Tips: Enter at least 8 characters. Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Make your password hard to guess - even for a family member or close friend.